Whether to shoot in RAW or JPEG is a burning question every photographer has to answer at some point. It determines everything ranging from the file size to the quality of the photo.
As a budding photographer do you know what these two file formats mean? Are you aware of how they affect your images? Let me break it down.

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3 Easy Ways to Adjust Your Exposure

By now, you should have switched from shooting in automatic to shooting in manual mode. Are you ready to master the art of adjusting your exposure? Continue reading “3 Easy Ways to Adjust Your Exposure”

Working for Exposure?

Picture this:

You’ve started earning money from photography, your client base is growing, you have a decent number of followers on your social media, people are loving your work!

You get a message from a public figure asking if you’d like to work with them, only to realize they will not be paying you for you services.

What will you do?

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How to Stop Making Excuses

“I can’t find a location to shoot”
“No one wants to model for me”
“The weather is bad outside”
“I’ve got school work to do”
“I don’t know what to shoot”
Do these sentences sound familiar? If you’ve found yourself saying or thinking at least one of these, you are making excuses and you need to stop !