I’m sure you’re wondering what qualifies me to give you photography advice

well you’re here! heeeeey! 

I’ve always had a tiny fear of forgetting important memories in my life, the older I get. That, coupled with my passion for seeing people smile when photographed are some of the many reasons I got into photography.

This was the photo that started it all:

After I took this picture with my $500 Nikon one early morning, I knew that photography was my calling. I felt it.

Over the past 9 years, I have narrowed my style from capturing every and anything, to focusing and tailoring my craft to editorial like, fashion photography and candids. I try to capture things the human eye doesn’t take notice of by incorporating interesting elements, angles, and colours in my shots.

I’ve been blessed with a supportive family and friends who have assisted me along away in every way possible, as well as inspired me.

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Over the years, i have been featured on Essence Magazine and Narcity  I have also been published by Cosmo Biz Salon magazine.

As a creative, I know that the Almighty God created me on purpose, for a purpose. not necessarily to change the world, but to change peoples outlook on the way they see the world through my lens.

I created this blog to assist people through their photography journey. I will give tips, ticks, advice, techniques, based on my experiences and mistakes. I will give examples using a lot of pictures I take.

I am a 20 year old girl from Benue state, in the middle belt of Nigeria. My name is Enem Margaret Odeh.


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